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A depiction of her fursona, by Flye.

Flye (born September 4, 1988) is a binturong from Perth, Western Australia.

Flye has been a part of the Perth Furs community since early 2005, first accompanying Fallimar to a party at the house of JM Horse. Having been a member of the Yiffstar forums since 2004, with almost 4000 posts, she has had an online presence longer than her real life one, like most furries.

Having a crafty side, Flye enjoys drawing, painting, and sculpture, as well as textile work. She has made several sets of fursuit gear, including tails and paws.

Flye lives in a comfortable home with Fennec Phaux and attends the University of Western Australia, where she is majoring in English and Communication Studies. She works for the Western Australian ISP, Westnet. There are several other furries at both her school and places of employment.

Flye is the on the organising committee of FurWAG, acting as Art Director.[1]


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