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Flux Capacitor, also known as Fluhks, FluxCrux or FluxTheCrux, and Nemeton on Fur Affinity and Second Life (born March 20, 1977), is a furry cartoonist and fursuiter who lives in Bristol, United Kingdom.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Flux is a avatar builder and skin maker in Second Life. The majority of their creations are for Mutation Industries's Crux line.

Flux is the official owner/administrator of the FACrux fan group on Fur Affinity after being handed to them by Enkai Xiomasa in August 17, 2012. Since then, they have been compiling various lists of people who have Crux characters, role-players, fursuiters and/or Second Life avatar creators.


Flux Capacitor's main fursona is that of a variation on the Iton Crux, and their secondary fursona is a "Dingbat" (a bat crossbreed) called Axiom.


As a fursuiter, Flux has attended furmeets and conventions both with a full and partial suit.

Their V.1 fursuit head was a homemade plastic mesh and foam unit, later replaced with a V.2 balaclava and resin muzzle version, and finally a full suit that was crafted by Ritz Bitz of Frostcat Studios.

Convention attendance[edit]


Flux Capacitor is the creator of Amalgam, a gag panel series started on August 1, 2012, which had been running almost daily ever since. The comic went on hiatus for a week in August, 2013 due to a convention attendance, and is on hold since September 2014 due to computer, software and real life work issues. The strip is hosted on Flux's Fur Affinity, deviantART, and Weasyl accounts.

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