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Fluke the Husky, or just Fluke, is a fursuiter who lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Fluke’s first fur con was Further Confusion 2015.


FlukeHusky's fursona is a blue husky, distinguished by his lighter blue spots and curly tail. He often wears props, his most popular being a crown.


FlukeHusky debuted Fluke 1.0 in Biggest Little Fur Con 2017, and Fluke 2.0 at Biggest Little Fur Con 2018. Fluke 1.0 was self-made, while Fluke 2.0 was created by FursuitsByLacy.

Fluke the dancer[edit]

Fluke has a background in theatre and singing/performing. He toured professionally for a show choir in 2015, and since then his performing hobby took off. Fluke has performed in multiple furry dance competitions, placing first in Biggest Little Fur Con 2018’s floor wars, and first in DenFur 2018’s Fursuit Dance Competition.

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