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The best IRC network for furries. Built by furries, for furries.
Subject Furry Fandom
Server irc.floofirc.co.uk, port 6667
Operator(s) Darkmane Arweinydd, William von Braun
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to November 2019 - present
Rating from
Web G

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The FloofIRC IRC system is a small, privately-operated IRC network run by Darkmane Arweinydd with help from other operators such as William von Braun


The server functions as an IRC network for everyone to create their own "Den" or "Hangout".

Server rules / terms[edit]

Last Updated 22/11/19 13:17

Furry (Noun) - A person, being, or figure who is interested in anthropomorphic animals.

EG: someone who likes to dress up as an animal for whatever reason. Wheter it be sexual or non-sexual. _ >.< ..

Furries use a mix of morse and cute kawaii faces to express themselves through social media norms. This can be a mix of OwO and >.< - this used japanese characters and english characters on the keyboard to make an emote pack.

FurIRC redefines language to make it work for everyone, this is our terms of agreement and contracts. When FurIRC is officially built, it will be built by developers, for developers.

By furries, for furries.

By everyone, for everyone.

This is the platform for you.

You are the centre of attention at any given time. Just chat in #magic.

Boxfox (Urban) - a fox that likes constant attention, but is afraid to deny it

Scalies (Urban) - Everyone has a scale inside of them (metaphoricallay speaking) - We just have to pluck to find it

Headpats and hugs (Urban)- Furries offer this as a unique currency (this is nonliteral) until they can get paid in proper currency, hence the "pay me in exposure" meme

-Darkmane -CEO -FurIRC -The Arweinydd's Photography LTD

PS: having computer troubles? Just hit it with a baseball bat!

No registration required, ever

- Except if you're a robot. The legal Garbo:

You hereby grant FurIRC a non exclusive license to use your photos for media purposes when tagged with #magic, and agree to your photos being scaled across different endpoints to ensure a crisp and smooth platform. Your photos or content will never be sold without your consent.

Current channels[edit]

Artwork - SFW artwork only
General - SFW Chatting only
NSFW - NSFW Chatting - not fur innocent eyes
Magic - Share a little bit of #magic through pictures/media - all content may be shared fur commercial purposes by FloofIRC admins

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