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Floe's dragon form, self-portrait
Floe's wolf form, self-portrait.

Floe, also known as Floebean and fl0e (born October 18, 1988),[1] is a furry artist who lives in Goleta, California, USA,[2] previously in Long Island, New York.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Floe was the Guest of Honor at Mephit Fur Meet 2014,[3] and is a member of the Long Island Furs.


Floe's fursona concept started out as a story of a dragon who was cursed into the body of a human for a hundred years. As Floe (the person behind the keyboard) furthered her journeys on the Internet, she was exposed to furry fandom and this character became her fursona.

Floe is a light grey anthropomorphic dragon. Her arms and legs from the knee and elbow down are black, as are the tips of her ears. She has two small white horns, amber colored eyes, and three scars on her face.


Floe can almost never make up her mind about anything, and it reflects in her character. She has loved dragons for as long as she can remember, though, in her own words, she "has a weak spot for fuzz". Thus, her character has the ability to change her species.

The most commonly noted species are dragon and wolf, though she has presented herself as a ferret, a badger, and even has a much less-styled crow form, which is really more of a totem than a character.

Convention attendance[edit]


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