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Orokana with pancakes

Orokana, previously known as Flicker (born 1991 in Canberra, Australia), is a furry fan and fursuiter who has lived in Brisbane since 2005.

Orokana used the name "Flicker" until March 2013, when he changed his furname and fursona to "Orokana" (おろかな; Adj., Japanese: "Silly"), which he likens to his personality. However, everyone still refers to him as "Flicker", "Fluffy", or "Fuzzbutt", to which he responds.


Character Reference, drawn by Horo.
Fursuit created in 2013 by LazyLupe.

Orokana works full time for IKEA in the food department and has previously worked in the tourism industry, in particular theme parks. He has also done volunteer work with the Queensland division of RSPCA Australia.

Orokana likes playing Dance Dance Revolution, or just enjoying a day at the Botanic Gardens. He can also be found at the beach, or at one of the many theme parks on the Gold Coast.

When night falls on a Friday or Saturday night, he can often be found at one of Brisbane's restaurants with friends, or sleeping.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Orokana has been an active member of the Brisfurs since 2007. He attends the South Bank Fur Meet on Tuesdays regularly along with the occasional meet on the Gold Coast.

In late 2013, Orokana purchased a fursuit made by LazyLupe which made it's debut at CBFM and had it's first major debut at the 2014 Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras. As of July 2016 his original suit was donated to a friend as he upgraded his suit to a new full-suit by LazyLupe.

In 2013, Orokana was part of the RivFur Volunteer team, working con-operations, the headless lounge and various odd jobs. He has also taken on a volunteer role with FurDU running the external events and general odd's and ends since 2014. He has also taken on a co-ordinator role with South Bank Fur Meet (SBFM) as the caterer and treasurer as well as an equal role in running the meet with Chloe Avonside and several other staff members.

He has also stepped down as a main admin from running South Bank Fur Meet as of April 2016 to focus on personal projects, however he still assists in the background and helps out as needed.


Orokana's fursona is a blue and white anthropomorphic Red Panda.

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