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Flexible Survival
Ad banner. Drawn on commission by a player of FS, then made into banner by another.Come get Infected!
Subject Furry, adults-only, Transformation
Server flexiblesurvival.com, port 2000
Operator(s) Nuku Valente
Status Ongoing
Ran from/to March 2011 - present

Flexible Survival a text online game for transformation fans.

Flexible Survival is a game of transformation, adventure, and wanton acts of lust.

The Promethean Nanites have been unleashed, in part due to the acts of one of its major researching companies, Zephyr Inc. These nanites, also referred to as the Promethean Plague, the Nanite Plague, the Scourge and numerous similar titles, are virus-based artificial swarming strains of proteins and enzymes controlled by microtransponders. Communication went down hours after release, and the populace was reduced, in large, to gibbering, insane, mutants of all shapes and perversions.

You are part Zephyr Inc, RSX, or the Prometheans, piecing together what's left. Your mind has been spared dissolution or subversion, but your body remains like stiff clay to the untiring fingers of the Promethean Nanites, constantly adapting to shape new forms.

An adult erotic MUD-like game.


  • Dynamic body changes while fighting, gain and lose powers on the fly!
  • Master the powers you want and keep them even if you change (You can master more as you gain levels)
  • Improve your mastered powers for more awesome!
  • Supplement your mutant powers with gear and equipment!
  • Equipment can be improved in level and enhanced for greater performance the way YOU want it.
  • Group up with friends with clans/groups/guilds that gain levels and buff their members.
  • Adventure with friends. The wastes are safer with backup!
  • Breed. Players can become pregnant and give birth. Children have mutant powers and can be summoned to aid in battle!

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