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Fleshy, also known as Fleshies, is a humorous or self-mocking term used by people in the animation industry as a jab to the term "furry" (person). Users are, know, or have friends in the furry fandom itself, and they do not have a problem with it, or its culture.

However, in certain circumstances, the term itself has been used as a derogatory term referring to humans; in a sense, this is the furry equivalent to the term "furfag".[1]

The term's use cannot be verified and/or confirmed on any animation production companies outside the continental US. The word is now an established term in the fandom.[2]

[edit] In furry fiction

Fleshy, also known as Fleshies, Skinny, Skinnies, Skinfags, Shavers, Smoothies, or Human Lovers, are furries and anthros who obsess about humans, to the point of trying to become being one.[3] [4] [5]

[edit] References

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