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FlakyRock's Fursona (An Australian Red Kangaroo)

FlakyRock (born in 1996) is a rookie Anthropomorphic and Anime/Manga artist. He is into gaming, drawing, computing etc.

He can play three different Instruments (Drums, Piano and Guitar) and is currently in a band.

A list of FlakyRock's comics[edit]

Inferno and the Furry Lover[edit]

Being released properly in 2011, Inferno and the Furry Lover (I.A.T.F.L. for short) are a series of short comic strips that have been drawn by FlakyRock.

It is about the school and "Chillin" life of two boys named James and Daelyn. Only currently (in 26/10/2010) has one comic strip been released on Deviantart. The comic strip had been deleted later because of its lack of detail.

White Haze[edit]

White Haze was a webcomic put on Hiatis because of its bad animating in the series. (FlakyRock created 2 pages, coloured one and then removed it from both his Furaffinity account and second Deviantart account).

It has not been released on when the comic will still run or come out next year.

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