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Firefeathers (Andrea L. Radeck; born January 26, 1987)[1] is a furry artist and writer who lives in Columbus, Ohio, USA.[2] Her fursona is an American Lion.[3]


Firefeathers started doing art from scratch in 2006.[4] In December 2010, her artwork featured as a banner on Fur Affinity ("December banner no. 2").[5]. She has also drawn for Magic the Gathering.[6]


Firefeathers wrote and illustrated Caelum Sky, an online story which tells the tale of "an epic clash of reality and the paranormal".[7] Centred around an unorthodox, backwards love story, it delves into the afterlife, starting with a empty-slate-brained spirit trapped in the body of a demon who is trying to develop her own soul while getting chased around by a pair of commercial exorcists. She is currently adapting this into a webcomic.[8]


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