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Firebreath is a french-speaking male furry who lives in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and speaks french. His fursona is Golden Retriever dog puppy.


Firebreath is a Golden Retriever dog puppy of about 2.5 to 5 years of age, depending on the circumstance. He has a lighter coat colour, much closer to the british type of breed, and brown eyes. He is known for his acute interest in firearms, and is oftentimes portrayed with significantly larger-than-should-be firearms and/or guns.

Accessories worn by the character tend to be a red collar and a baby-blue hoodie with a red hood. If not wearing the hoodie, then a blue t-shirt is the puppy's clothing of choice. There are no special significance to the accessories besides the fact that they look cute.

Firebreath has never been a dragon, unlike the popular idea linked to his name.


Firebreath joined the fandom in 1999 as an arctic wolf which already displayed interest in larger-than-life firearms. Back then, as the name "Firebreath" was very common in the internet, he added the "XIII" part at the end of his name to ease differentiation from all the other ones that were online at the time. This was coined from his then-interest in Final Fantasy 7, from the character "Red XIII".

When he switched to a golden retriever character in 2005, he officially dropped the "XIII" part of his old name, though sometimes still use it when a "Firebreath" character name is already in use.

In 2006, several babyfurs started to call him "Gunpuppy". In time, it became an alternate, if unofficial, name that Firebreath has claimed as his own and been using sporadically since.

Babyfur conbadge issue[edit]

The conbadge made for Firebreath that sparked the 2006 events.

In 2006, Firebreath commissionned Marci McAdam for a babyfur-themed conbadge. This brought much discussion amongst the sub-community, as his badge looked extremely similar to one that had been previous made for LilPup the year before. Although neither furries had given much thought about it, it quickly became an object of a joke, where Firebreath was called the "clone" of Lilpup. The badges were so similar that when quickly swapping them both, it looked like Lilpup's character was bringing out a firearm and changed his shirt colour.

Today, this "incident" has been relegated to the annals of history and is sometimes mentionned within the sub-group when both players are in proximity of one another.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Firebreath is part of the local furry group MonFur since august 1999. He's also running the Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor servers of the Steam© semi-official Monfur group [1], which were retired in early 2010 due to lack of interest.

He was a short-lived moderator on Furtopia's boards for a few months in 2005. He found himself unable to fulfill the requirements of this job as school workload became too heavy. Around the same time, he had to drop his short part in TrekWars: The Furry Conflict for the same reason.

Firebreath is currently a beta tester for


Since his love for 3D animation is not just about watching them, his schooling was geared towards learning to do 3D modelling and animation. This can be seen on his Fur Affinity page. He also has been dabbing in photography and been known to draw, albeit badly, every now and then.

He is also the creator and writer of the Alphawatch universe, which is still a work in progress after 4 years in the making. He also wrote several science-fiction short stories, most notable being "To whom it may concern" which garnered a very little following. None of his written work has ever been published.

Human counterpart[edit]

Firebreath is played by a french canadian male of over 25 years old, currently residing in Montreal, Québec, Canada. As per his upbringing, English is his second language, but he likes to think he has a pretty good grasp of it.

Gunpuppy has multiple interests outside of furry, which include photography, 3D modelling and animation, video gaming, web programming, driving and a slew of other, minor things. He works for a big Canadian communication company.


Firebreath is known to be open-minded, caring, loyal, generous and friendly. He can also be shy but tends to overcompensate by being overly social. He has a few quirks, such as shaking one of his legs while sitting, that can sometimes get on peoples' nerves.

He's known for being a great listener and trying to give advice as best as he can, when need be. He tends to be forward with his opinion, but is not against the concept of being wrong. He strongly believes that no mistake is unforgivable and that something can always be learned from any situation. He's been often labeled with a pessimistic outlook on life, although he prefers to call it a realistic one.


Firebreath, as of FurFright 2009, has been the proud owner of a fursuit bearing his name and species, made by the talented Pardus. He has been wearing proudly since, and is available for performing in the Montreal area for free or a nominal fee, depending on the circumstance.


Firebreath was a regular at the now defunct C-ACE convention, and is now a regular attendee at FurFright. He also started attending Con*Cept[2] in 2009 and will most likely be a regular attendee and volunteer. He also attended Furnal Equinox 2010 convention, and fursuited.[3] Firebreath is also the Operations director[4] for What The Fur, a new convention taking place in June 2010 in his home city.


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