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Finnfox at Eurofurence 16 playing his green guitar, pic by Corneilg

Finnfox Ferryhill(born February 10, 1982, realname: Andreas Fechtner) is a fursuiter who lives in Dorsten, Germany. He has been a furry since January, 2009, and his fursona is a blue fox.

Fursuits and conventions[edit]

Finnfox has one fursuit, a blue fox made by Lacy in 2009. His first convention was Eurofurence 16 (2010).


In January 2014, Andreas F. appeared in many german news shows and newspapers after trying to get his artist name written in his government-issued ID card.[1] [2]

Multiple requests were denied because of the inconsistent use of his artist name. Those include Finnfox, Finnfox Ferryhill, Finn, FinnyWinny and Finn Ferryhill.


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  2. "Finnfox Ferryhill" klagt gegen die Stadt Dorsten

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