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FinFur Animus
Location Finland
Status Ongoing
First iteration 2015-03-19
Organizer(s) Roolipeliyhdistys FinFur Ry
Subject Furry
Resources Photos, videos, reports: FinFur Animus resources

FinFur Animus (commonly known as FFA) is a furry convention which is held in the hotel Gustavelund in Tuusula, Uusimaa, Finland.[1]

FinFur Animus is the continuation of the FinFur Summer Camp, which ended in 2014 after a demand for a bigger annual convention.


FinFur Animus 2015 took place over March 19-22, 2015.[2] The theme of the event was "Clash of Tails", based on the American fantasy drama television series Game of Thrones.[3] There were 124 attendees.


The Roolipeliyhdistys FinFur Ry Organization was started by the Core Staff (Slvwolf, Randon Wolf and Kisu) during mid-2010, and continues to host furry events in Finland.


For FinFur Animus 2015, the core FinFur Ry staff were:

  • SlvWolf — Chairman, Web Design, Registration, Media Relations, Pupeteer
  • Randon Wolf — Vice-chairman, Treasurer, Fursuit Team, Stage Crew
  • Kisu — Secretary, Chief Financial Officer, Fursuit Team, Artshow Team, Conbook team, Pupeteer

Support staff:

  • FFeFox — Web Design, Pupeteer
  • Euva — Graphics Design, Registration, Conbook team, Pupeteer, Support
  • Kaarlo - Stage Crew, Support



FinFur Animus 2016, also known as "Super FinFur Animus", took place over June 16-19, 2016,[4] at the hotel Gustavelund in Tuusula, Finland.[5] The convention's theme was "retro games".[6] On day before convention the statistics page indicated 129 paid attendees.[7]


The staff and crew of FinFur Animus 2016 were:[8]

  • Staff:
    • SlvWolf: Chairman
    • Randon Wolf: Vice Chairman
    • Kisu: Chief Financial Officer
    • Euva: Graphics Design
  • Crew:
    • Drastos: Web Design
    • FFeFox: Web Development



FinFur Animus 2017 was held July 20-23, 2017.[9] The convention's theme was "Fastest Tail of the West".[9] Convention had 133 pre-registered participants.


FinFur Animus 2018 took place between 12-15 July 2018.[10] Convention's theme was "Tail Chronicles". Convention had 152 pre-registered participants. Room spots were practically sold out during the first 30 minutes after the registration opened.[11]


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