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Cover of issue #1, featuring several of the comic's main characters

Filthy Animals is an adult oriented furry comic book by Stan Jinx and Cindy Crowell. Issue #1 was distributed by Radio Comix in August 1997. The Filthy Animals characters were originally created by Keith S. 'Kez' Wilson.


The story revolves around a group of anthropomorphic animals including Veronica Drake (a duck), Conner Lepus (a rabbit), Marlene Munroo (a kangaroo), Kitty Cocktail (a cat), and Monique (a leopard), all of whom work in the poon (A play on the word porn) industry. Filthy Animals was originally produced as a four part series but following the release of its last issue no further issues were produced. Filthy Animals contains nudity and strong sexual content.

Wilson's de-involvement[edit]

Prior to the birth of his first child, Wilson announced on his personal website[citation needed] that he would no longer produce any adult oriented titles[citation needed] opting instead to work on more mainstream titles including those for DC Comics and Marvel Comics[citation needed].

The rights to Filthy Animals were eventually granted to Stan Jinx, Cindy Crowell and Radio Comix to publish a storyline created by Jinx and Crowell based on Kez Wilson's characters.

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