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Filth The Mutt, or just Filth Mutt or Filth, also known as Fops, is a furry Twitch streamer and vtuber.

Fandom involvement[edit]

The handle "Fops" come from a shortening of an old username, FoxxPrincess. Filth's preferred pronouns are it/its but also accept she/her. Filth is owned and collared by Rot Fox. Filth and Rot found each other through watching each other's streams and eventually playing video games together.


Filth's fursona is a turquoise mutt with long purple hair, a nose ring, earring, and a bandaid on top of its snout. Its fursona originally had antlers, but they have since over time shrunk until they're now no longer visible.


Filth started its streaming career frequently playing Super Animal Royale and other games, but transitioned into becoming primarily a Just Chatting streamer in 2021. Originally Filth used a 2D vtuber avatar which they created entirely themselves. It now uses a 3D avatar which was created from a base avatar from Skip4D, with some modifications added.

Filth streams from behind a Pawbucks next to a "dumbster" with their pet spinning fox Soup and a skunk named Ladle.

Filth is known to transform into various vehicles and objects in order to help out getting around and "helping out" alleyway goers.

Filth's tail has a maw, though it denies this at every chance it gets.

As shown on stream, Filth enjoys storing french fries on their keyboard for later consumption. It enjoys this very much.

On September 13, 2023 it was revealed during a regular stream that it had ordered at least a minimum of 69 cases of Jones Soda Co. Werewolf Piss soda. Werewolf enjoyers world wide called it on this behaviour, citing that it put a heavy strain on the already overworked, over milked werewolves. Though these claims remain unconfirmed.

It is know to eat soap from time to time.

Mountain Monsters Involvement[edit]

Some time, during 2023, Filth started to stream the real life documentary "Mountain Monsters", following the brave and harrowing exploits of gang of misfit cryptid hunters through the American Frontier. While most of these streams were benign in nature, rumors started circulating around after a few episodes in, accusing Fwimf of messing with investigations and constantly sneaking into the filming sets to acquire the highly sought after substance known as "Werewolf piss" or more commonly known as "Monster residue". Special deterrents like soap and other cleaning products were deployed. It worked for a while but recent reports indicate that it is now powering through these countermeasures, and chewing on the wiring for the production.

Other reports bring to light the current involvement of canine members of its community, who to appear on certain episodes on which they went on to be "harassed" and "haunted" per their account of events. While the crew of MM denies these allegations. Citing they only got rid "dangerous monsters threatening AMERICAN FREEDOM". After this, several local Werewolf dads were displaced following the destruction of their dens by the individual named "Wild Bill". It was also reported that other creatures decided to join Fifum to engage in this disturbing behaviour, a pink bird, most likely a flamingo and a small, coffee smelling creature (more than likely a mouse) who has some sort of connection with a racist fork.

The "Waters Sports" controversy[edit]

Somewhere around March, the brave team of MM, was involved in a big controversy, were they were filmed driving away with Pif on the back of their Production Provided Pick Up Truck, screaming the very obscene and not family friendly word "Water Sports". It was assumed that Finland was leaving the area with the crew to engage in this debauchery. It is to this very moment unknown if this blue nightmare creature has worked out a deal with the heroes of MM.

For the time being they appear to be in cahoots.

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