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Filks (originally based on a misspelling of folk music) are parodies of songs that use the same melody, but different lyrics. (See Kay's site below, can be poetry set to music, can be original songs, much more much else than this limited definition) While some filksongs are humorous parodies of well-known songs, others are more serious. Filk has a long and rich history in science fiction fandom (including associated groups such as the Dorsai Irregulars), and has spread to other fandoms including furry and animé.

Many furry conventions offer karaoke using filked lyrics, either as an official convention event, or an unofficial event organized by the attendees. Before its site went down, the Furry Music Foundation offered hosting for furry filks. One of the best-known filk performers in furry fandom is Kay Shapero. Several well-known filkers whose work includes a good deal of furry-themed lyrics (such as Leslie Fish, Marc Gunn, Cynthia McQuillin, and Dr. James Robinson) have been welcomed as Guests at various furry conventions.

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