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In reply to the edited out section "Amy Gotcha also had ignored a previous post that indicated that DEP would appreciate it if players would stop making suggestions on the forums for new things to implement and instead do one (or a number) of things that they had requested. The thread in question is located here [1]"

Actually, the post wasn't ignored- she was running several recruitment drives, participated actively in Dreamer's Day complete with her own patch table and several large-scale and well-polished patches, greeted newbies, was working in a guild and more- all things on that linked thread that people were supposed to be doing to help. She even made a supplemental thread to the linked thread about good arguments that can be used to combat common negative ideas outsiders may have about Furcadia (made as a recruitment tool) in order to try to help. In fact, the screenshot even says this.

Emerald Flame banned her anyway and Cironir ignored her mail in which she showed all the good that she had done. She is still banned to this day.

Next time please do the research before posting!

Thanks for trying to help. =^.^=

--Lamoxlamae 07:57, 26 August 2009 (UTC)