Fight' N Rage

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Fight' N Rage, is a sidescroller beat 'em up by indie game developer Sebagamesdev.


The mutants of the land (shown as anthropomorphic animals) have risen up against their human masters.

List of playable characters[edit]

  • F. Norris: A human male fighting to escape the chaos created by the mutant rise. His name may be an homage to actor, Chuck Norris.
  • Gal : A human female. Her name may be a play on the character Guy from the similar beat 'em up game, Final Fight.
  • Ricardo: A male anthropomorphic bull who believes that the mutants should be living in peace with mankind. Ricardo is the strongest and slowest character.

In addition, beating the game unlocks various rewards including character skins one of which is an anthropomorphic fox skin for Gal.


Fight' N Rage features 10 levels, referred to in-game as "rounds".

  • Round 1: Rising from the Flames
  • Round 2: The Runaway Path
  • Round 3: Blood on the Road
  • Round 4: Slaughterhouse
  • Round 5: The Dark Forest
  • Round 6: Bloody Party
  • Round 7: Mutant Ninja Sands
  • Round 8: Staining the Ocean
  • Round 9: Death Island
  • Round 10: Final Encounter

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