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Katherine Delany is a Canadian furry artist and occasional writer. She represents herself as a Cat.

She came into furry through her interest in both fantasy and naturalistic animal stories, and in roleplaying quadruped characters. Katherine created and maintains Links Related to William Horwood's Books, a website of links and information related to the books by William Horwood (which include Duncton Wood, The Stonor Eagles, and The Wolves of Time series), along with an associated discussion group, WHBooks.

Fevra is the "borrowed" name of her first roleplayed character, a female Serval she played on The Lion King MUCK from December 1996 to 1999. She created The List of Nalia's Family to record kinship of characters, and maintains it although since 2006 she no longer roleplays on The Lion King MUCK. She has roleplayed on a number of MU*s, including Beast Wars: Transformers MUSH (as Argen, a Gray Fox Maximal), Maisha MUCK, Shadow Over Kamchatka MUCK, and My Little Pony MUSH.

Katherine has attended Conifur Northwest, All Fur Fun, and RainFurrest, in addition to local furmeets. She occasionally used Savannah Cat as a badge name.

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