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Ferrenis is a fictional nation in the Argaea world in which Kyell Gold's novels Volle, Pendant of Fortune and the anthology Prisoner's Release and Other Stories are set.

This country has a rivalry with its neighbor, Tephos, with frequent skirmishes along the border, particularly the Reysfields region. Originally, the author had conceived this rivalry to resemble that between Renaissance-era France and Germany, with the Reysfields as a metaphor for the Alsace region between those two real-world countries.

Like Tephos, and apparently most countries in Argaea, Ferrenis' political structure is largely monarchical. The nation is ruled by a royal family of cougars, and adheres to a variant of a Gaian religion, which worships Gaia as the benevolent and serene creator of life, and the original forefathers of the anthropomorphic species that inhabit the world, although there are other variations, and homosexuality is quite common.

Of the locations featured in the novels, the most prominent is the city of Caril, which houses the Royal Academy, effectively a spy school. The city boasts its share of bars, pubs and brothels.

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