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Fernin Lucine Ker (b. July 9, 1988) is a furry who lives in Fort Collins, Colorado, U.S.A.

Fernin has been a member of the furry fandom since late 2001. He is a regular on irc #furnet rooms Rubberfurs and Snakepit, and occasionally writes furry fiction in the genres of Science Fiction, Fantasy, Erotica, and Horror.

He is partnered with Owens Whitcroft, a Snow Leopard/Wolf hybrid.

Character details[edit]

Since his discovery of the fandom, Fernin's character has been a Rocky Mountain Timber Wolf. He is 1.54m (5'1") tall and weighs 71kg (157 lbs). His body is lean and lightly toned with no visible scars or malformations. His belly fur, chest fur, the insides of his thighs, and the underside of his tail are a color similar tarnished silver, while the rest of his fur is dark blue-grey.

Fernin's hair is dark red in color with premature gray/silver highlights, and is waist-long on all sides. He generally wears it loose and it covers his upper body like a shroud. His eyes are white-blue, so light that they're almost solid white. His feet are like that of a wolf’s, with a paw-like structure and long nails. He stands plantigrade like humans, but due to the structure of his feet he wears no shoes of any kind.

Fernin's nails are naturally black. His ears are high-up like feral a canine's. The left one is somewhat ragged-looking owing to his love of having his ears chewed upon. Fernin's tail is roughly six feet long and prehensile, the result of a genetic aberration.

Fernin doesn't generally wear clothes but on the occasion he does they are usually of a soft fabric, often tunic-like in design, though he prefers loose dress-like garments when in long term dwellings. His preferred colors are black, dark blues and dark greens. Fernin wears small, narrow, square-framed glasses, and has two small rings in the upper portion of his right ear. the upper one is silver, the lower one gold.

Fernin’s history is rather unremarkable; he is the son of an accomplished blacksmith and until his seventeenth birthday had followed the family tradition of the making of fine armor, blades and fire arms for the upper classes. Upon coming of age, however, he decided to leave home and see what adventures he could seek out in the wide world. Two years since the day he left his home he still wanders from place to place in search of whatever mysteries, be they good or ill, life chooses to bring him.

Fernin possesses no notable supernatural abilities, though in the tradition of his clan he is a well accomplished unarmed fighter and is often noted for his great acrobatic agility, a trait uncommon to canine breeds. He is also a skilled blacksmith, hunter, and has slight training in gem and jewelry crafting.

World Detail[edit]

In progress, basic details are as follows.

Technologies in developed and modernized regions are equivalent to late 17th Century Earth in function but are almost entirely steam technology based. Culture is similar to the period as well in both manner and dress and there are very strict class divisions; most societies are based around a Matriarchy that is ruled primarily by a Matriarch whose power is passed down to the oldest daughter. Male rulers are more common in the lesser developed cultures.

Lesser developed regions differ greatly with some cultures bearing cultural and technological similarities to ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian technologies and belief systems and others bearing resemblance to native American and other tribal cultures.

Magic exists but is only beginning to be understood in the most advanced societies of the age. Witch doctors are common in lesser developed societies and may hold a modest amount of magical power.

Remnants exist of a previous and much more greatly advanced civilization but signs are few and far between save for the three giant structures, each half buried and situated in the center of craters that predate the current civilizations by several millennium; all three extend high enough to breach the lower atmosphere.

Supernatural beings exist but are so rare and secluded they are believed to be myths.

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