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Fernando Llacapan (born February 5, 2001 in Chile), is a writer, musician and YouTuber.


Fernando Llacapan 100% animal

Fernando is a fox, he did not admit what a fox breed it is, but it could be a culpeo fox or a red fox, (although its fur color is orange), with blue or sky blue eyes with pink spots, a totally pink back, and inside of its ears they are also pink. He admitted that he suffers from a very rare and unique condition called Pink Fur Syndrome, which biologically alters his coat color to the color pink.

He tends to be very affectionate and kind to everyone, usually coexisting with his peers (his family or other foxes) or other furries. Fernando had 9 girlfriends (he currently has one called Kira Kosawa, an albino she-wolf), he wants to be a mursuiter because he has extensive experience in that.

He likes to listen to music (his favorite band is Gorillaz), play video games, chat on Facebook, watch videos and create stories.

Your favorite youtubers are Quartz Husky, Kero The Wolf, Majira Strawberry and Paco Panda


Fernando is musician, he has published songs in his official accounts with the name Alexander Vaine. He published an LP, which only has 6 songs and was published on January 13, 2019

  • 1- Intro
  • 2- Fictitious Dreams
  • 3- Technology
  • 4- Furrys
  • 5- 5 ways in the future
  • 6- The World From...


His first YouTube channel was created on June 29, 2013, his first videos used to be gameplays of the time, with a very low video editing, also videoblogs and used to tell their stories.

Since 2015, Fernando left the channel for a period of time due to studies and returned in 2018, 90% of the videos he uploaded were deleted and now the videos he made are random. Although he admitted that he will return someday.

He have 1.000 subscribers in the 2 Youtube's Channels

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