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FeralHeart is a 3D RPG featuring non-morphic canine and feline characters. It was created by KovuLKD and its server is hosted by Razmirz, after the closing of Impressive Title, and released in late January 2011. Wings and many marking choices have been added in the recent years. Map-making, object-making, preset-making, and even the ability to create your own sky. This game is loaded with features. You can go out into the maps already made-- Bonfire Island, Ficho Tunnel, Fluorite Plains, Temple Of Dreams, Cape of Distant Worlds, Lonely Cave, South Pole, Atlantis, Lost Cave, Ascension Island, and the newest: Sky's Rim. You can also make your own but there is a limit of reachable maps in Cape. But, unlike Impressive Title, there are no animals to hunt that drop items. Instead, you can download item packs from the forum.


Feral-Heart features an easy map-making function where you can add hills to your map by making a 'Terrain Height Map' in GIMP, Photoshop, Paint.NET, Anything but MS Paint. These images are Grey-scale, black indicates the low, valleys or rivers, and white indicates the highest, like hills or mountains. You can make anything you desire here: party maps, Warrior cats themed maps, holiday maps...

You can add water, load height-maps and terrain masks, change the size and height of the map, and even add a custom map from the sky maker into your map by going to 'World' tab of the map-maker!

In the 'Objects' tab, you are able to add objects from different groups, 'Gates', which are portals to other maps, and custom water.

In the Controls tab, you can change the size, shape, length, width, and rotation.

Object making[edit]

With the default objects, you can do a lot. Just load the .mesh file, and you can change anything you wish to, even the texture! You can add multiple meshes to one object and rotate them any way you please. With the effect maker, you can even add particles!

Sky making[edit]

Users are able to make custom skies for their maps. You can make your maps rain, snow, and more! Using particle files, you can make the weather particles, and even color your sky at different times!

Preset making[edit]

Users are able to create their own presets, by setting their own lion textures in the files. (Example: C:/FeralHeart/Presets/Preset3. You would place the textures in there) Its quite complicated and requires some editing of .material files, but no worries! These can be opened in notepad.

Movie maker[edit]

This will be edited when this feature is finished! Currently, When you select movie maker from 'Tools' It says Coming Soon!

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