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Feral! 2012 was the fifteenth Feral! convention, held over August 24-28, 2012, in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.

The theme for 2012, announced at the conclusion of Feral! 2011, was Retro Future Space Camp "The Future is now!". A series of videos was made based on the theme, documenting the Feral! Committee in preparations for Feral! 2012 in an alternate retro-futuristic world.[1]

GTSkunkrat (aka Grimal), cartoonist, illustrator and author of webcomic Deo was this years Guest of Honor.[2][3] Artist and graphic designer Arius, responsible for the graphic design for Feral! since 2010, was also honoured, and thanks to a last minute opportunity was able to attend.

Attendance was the second highest in Camp Feral's history, with 123 campers. In addition, more campers registered as patrons than ever before.

2012 saw the introduction of the new theatre near TeePee Heights, named the Rustic Lounge. Dances and Cabin Skits were held there.

The last events to ever be held in The Rec Hall - an old theatre building used for Improv, Cabin Skits and the old home of the Musician's Circle - were the 2012 Furry Improv and a screening of The Hunger Games. Halfway through camp the building began reconstruction for use as an indoor activities field starting in 2013.


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