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Feral! 2010 was a furry convention that took place over September 1-5, 2010, at Camp Arowhon in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada. The Guests of Honour were musician Colson Grainger, and artist Ivybeth. 94 people attended.[1]

As 2010 marked Camp Feral's 13th event, the theme was 'Feral! the 13th,' a nod to the Friday the 13th horror series.

The first ad for the 2010 event showed Pawnee, Feral's mascot, with a machete and hockey mask and read "A summer camp...by a lake...miles from the nearest town. Plan for a bloody good time."

The Camp Feral! committee also began using video to promote the camp online. A new YouTube channel featured video logs (vlogs), videos of previous events, and a webisode titled 'Feral! the 13th' chronicling the mascot, Pawnee, coming to live with Feral! staff for the spring and summer.

A promotion within staff had Growler taking the position of Co-Chair, and artist and graphic designer Arius joining the team.


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