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Feral! staff
Feral! guests of honour
Feral! 2005's official flag.

Feral! 2005 was held from August 27th to 31st at Camp Arowhon. 103 participants attended the event within Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada. It had also been held at this site last year, as well as in 1998 for the first Feral!

The theme, "Join The Tribe", meant that the event was more steeped in indigenous themes than before. This was reflected in the official flag and the website design. Attendees were also divided into four different 'clans' to complete various challenges.

Feral! 2005 was chaired by Potoroo, and was attended by some well-known furs, including Uncle Kage.


The Guests of Honor for Feral! 2005 were furry "artists in residence", Anklebones and The Wormwood; founders of Rabbit Valley Comics, Sean and Andrew Rabbitt; as well as furry writer BanWynn Oakshadow, aka Uncle Oakie.

Survival Guide[edit]

The 2005 Feral! Survival Guide featured a front cover designed by Anklebones and The Wormwood. The back cover featured an advertisement for Feral! 2006, designed by Seraph.

Official t-shirt[edit]

The official t-shirt for 2005 featured a 'tribal'-themed design by Anklebones and The Wormwood.

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