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Feral! staff
Feral! guests of honour

Feral! 2003 was held from August 20 to 24 at the Kinark Outdoor Centre near Minden, Ontario, Canada. About 70 participants attended the event, which was the fifth and final time Camp Feral! would be consecutively hosted at this location.

The chair of Feral! 2003 was Branwyn, with Verec, Miami Pony, Fuzzybunny and Potoroo making up the rest of the Feral! Organizing Committee.


The Guests of Honor for 2003 included popular furry artists Krahnos and John "Roxikat" Barrett.


Feral! 2003 was also the first year that a poetry track was added to the workshop lineup and would quickly prove to be one of the more popular additions. The Feral! Poetry Corner, led by Wotan, returned for a second year, and included a stunning reading by DJ SnowWolf of Allen Ginsberg's "Howl".

Survival Guide[edit]

The front cover of this year's Feral! Survival Guide featured artwork by Roxicat. The back cover featured an advertisement for Feral! 2004 rendered by Circles creators Steve Domanski, Andrew French, and Scott Fabianek, with colour by Halex.

Official t-shirt[edit]

The official t-shirt for Feral! 2003 was a design by Paf of a cartoon bear roasting a weenie over the campfire.

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