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Feral! staff
Feral! guests of honour

Feral! 2002 was held from August 21 to 25 at the Kinark Outdoor Centre near Minden, Ontario, Canada. 87 participants attended the event.


The Guest of Honor for 2002 was Jessica Willard, a popular furry artist and the creator of Falstaff. Falstaff was frequently featured in Feral!'s advertisements and related media leading up to this year's convention.

Other guests of note included Dr. Samuel "Kagemushi" Conway, who once again held the ever-popular Uncle Kage's Story Hour by the fireside.

Survival Guide[edit]

The front cover of this year's Feral! Survival Guide featured artwork of a canoeing grey wolf by Krahnos. The back cover featured an advertisement for Feral! 2003 rendered by Firestorm Six, depicting an assortment of furs roasting marshmallows around a campfire.

Official t-shirt[edit]

The official T-shirt for Feral! 2002 featured a twist on the popular 'Predator-Prey' game, rendered by Associated Student Bodies artist Chris McKinley. This was also the first Feral! t-shirt, which sold out at the con itself, and had to be re-ordered.

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