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Feral! staff
Feral! guests of honour

Feral! 2001 was held from August 22 to 26 at the Kinark Outdoor Centre, near Minden, Ontario, Canada. 2001 was the third consecutive year for Feral! at that location. 95 participants attended the event.

The convention committee made a few staff changes during the event's development. The staff included P.Pardus, Terry Wessner, Benjamin, Bohor, Hiker, Marlos, Deuce, FuzzyBunny, and Pakesh De. Miami Pony and Branwyn were the recent additions.


This year, the committee appointed an official Guest of Honor. Dr. Samuel "Kagemushi" Conway (also known as Uncle Kage of Anthrocon) was invited and attended Feral! for the first time. He held Uncle Kage's Story Hour in perhaps the most perfect of venues: by the main campfire of Kinark.

Other guests of note included the many workshop instructors, who were Hiker, Krahnos, Loopy, Seraph, Benjamin, Silverfang, Giza, Marlos, Potoroo, Tir'ran, and Rava Purr. Some of the new workshops included a Painting class and Sculpting class, led by Benjamin and Loopy respectively.

Predator & Prey was highlighted by a stellar performance of Mother Nature by Pakesh De and Kagemushi playing out one of his own characters. According to some reports, Rogue made a surprise appearance, consuming both predators and prey alike. It was definitely good for a hoot.

Survival Guide[edit]

The full colour cover art for the Feral! Survival Guide was completed by Krahnos. A map of the venue conveniently graced the back cover.

Official t-shirt[edit]

The official t-shirt for Feral! 2001 featured a design by BushyCat of a siamese cat explorer armed with a tiny fly-swatter being chased through the jungle by a giant mosquito.

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