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Feral! staff
Feral! guests of honour

Feral! 1998 was held from August 21 to 23 at Camp Arowhon, in Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada.

This inaugural run of Camp Feral! drew around 50 participants. Well-known furs that were in attendance included Nexxus, Silfur, Cataroo, MelSkunk, and Benjamin.

It was a great success, yet it was decided that the experience was too brief, so the time span was increased in subsequent years to permit for additional workshop and camp-related activities.

Origin of Camp Feral![edit]

The concept for Feral! was first drawn up during the summer of 1997 over the span of several meetings. Several furs showed great interest in hosting a furry conference in the Toronto area after having attended Albany AnthroCon 1997 in July. P.Pardus is credited for being the driving force behind starting Feral!. A committee was soon brought together, including P.Pardus, Terry Wessner, Silfur, Benjamin, and Wilykat.


Farley, Feral!'s mascot as first rendered by Benjamin.

Workshops lasted about an hour and a half each, led by popular artists, writers and fursuiters including Cataroo, Ostrich, MelSkunk, Benjamin (then known as Simba), Torrle, Smash Greywolf, Tir'ran, Marlos, and Terry Wessner.

Survival Guide[edit]

The official con book was referred to as the Feral! Survival Guide. Benjamin's rendering of Farley, the Feral! mascot, graced the cover. Shown to the right, this was the very first illustration of Farley, the lynx.

Official t-shirt[edit]

The official Feral! t-shirt for 1998 featured MelSkunk's rendition of Farley (watercolour painted by Benjamin), lost in the woods, and being told by a nearby fox that he was in a patch of poison ivy.

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