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Fender, as drawn by Mutley James

Fender is a character who serves as the wiley and energetic mascot for the Fur Affinity website. Fender was created in a joint venture, visualized by artist K-9 based on an idea by Dragoneer.

Fender frequently appears in fan art of varying themes, and on the site's banner each month, by a new guest artist.

Fender is a "Ferrox" (part ferret, part fox). Some of his trademark characteristics include his cobalt blue necktie, dark brown sock-style markings on all four limbs and dark brown fur surrounding his eyes in a mask pattern.


The Fender suit was constructed by White Wolf and debuted at FA: United 3 in 2010. Coopertom is the official fursuit performer for Fender. The suit has been spotted at several events since its debut at FA:U 3 including Anthrocon 2010 and multiple Delaware Furbowls.


  • Fender was depicted as a sloth in the special holiday banner on April Fool's Day, 2008.
  • Fender has also been Nyanified.

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