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Fen-Fen is a furry artist from Savannah, Georgia. She goes by numerous names in the fandom, including Citronne, Tristesse, Hina, Fen-Fen, and Lemon Panda.

[edit] Fursonas

Fen-Fen is usually seen as her Maine Coon/Pallas Cat fursona, Trystesse. Trystesse has blondish-brown hair and has a chubby frame that's a light coffee color with darker brown stripes. Trystesse is usually drawn without clothes, but she does wear casual clothes that mainly consist of a pair of jeans with a T-shirt. Trystesse's name is a portmanteau of the French word "Tristesse" (gloominess) and "Tryst". Trystesse's last name "Etespoir" is also a portmanteau of the French words "et" (and) and "etespoir" (hope). So when translated, Trystesse's name could mean "gloominess and hope".

Her other fursona is a hermaphrodite Fennec Fox named Hina Augury. She has a chubby frame with purple hair that is spiked in the back and parted to the side in the middle with a black stripe. Hina's personality is the personification of Fen-Fen's more snarky side that's usually present online thought not so much so in real life.

Fen-Fen has a minor character named Michelle that's a 12-year-old Border Collie .

[edit] Real life

Outside of furry, Fen-Fen attends Armstrong Atlantic State University and is an Information Technology major with aspirations to be a children's librarian. She enjoys reading, knitting, and screaming the lyrics to music while driving down the road. She is also a member of Savannah's Southern Comfurt furgroup. She helps coordinate events with one of her best friends Katalina. She tries to keep a low profile in the community, opting to just hang out with "mildly furry" furries and drawn anthropomorphic art.

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