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Female refers to organisms that produce ova, or egg cells. Hormones, genetics, and overall form are other physical characteristics that typically differentiate females from other sexes.

Females and furry[edit]

Femaleness occupies places within the furry fandom, in both "real life" and virtual communities, that don't reflect its place in the larger society.

In "real life", females are drastically in the minority: A 1998 survey of 350 furries found that females comprised 15% of the population, as compared to a 2005 U.S. Census report of 51% in the U.S. as a whole [1] [2].

In virtual communities, however, there appears to be a higher percentage of female participants, as a substantial number of male players control female characters. (One saying about the online world FurryMUCK goes, "The guys are guys, and the girls are, too.")

Those female furries who play female characters online report that they get unwanted attention from some male players who have a tendency to (falsely) believe that they may have a chance of getting RL sex or a relationship from female players. In addition, some report alienation because of common depictions of females within the furry community (like the 'foxy lady').

As in any community, (male) views of females differ from person to person, and it is typically the extreme that is seen by the mainstream society as being normal within the furry community. This, in turn, may discourage females from joining the furry community, and encourage them to keep their furry interests 'in the closet', or refrain from mentioning their furry interests to others.


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