Felidae on the Road

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Felidae on the Road[edit]

This is the second novel in the Felidae series, sequel to Felidae, with Francis once again drawn into becoming a cat detective.


His owner’s new girlfriend drives Francis to run away into the wild. It is not long before he is given the task of uncovering another cat murderer who has been killing off members of a fellowship of blind cats. He returns home in the novel's conclusion.

Comparing the sequel to the original[edit]

Felidae on the Road has numerous, deliberate elements which echo the original novel. A few similarities are as follows:

  • Francis has sex with yet another femme fatale. In the original novel, this was an unknown new breed of cat. In the sequel, the femme fatale is a wild cat or Lynx named Alcina.
  • Various characters are familiar. In the original novel, Pascal was a wise feline who Francis confided in and discussed the case with. In the sequel, this role is handed to Ambrosius.
  • Both novels involve a legendary character who may or may not exist. In the original that was Claudandus, a martyr for felines. In the sequel this is Hugo the cat who rides upon a mastiff dog.