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This article is about the artist. For the comic character, see My Life with Fel.

Fel is a mostly furry artist who creates both erotic and non-erotic work. His fursona features a high resemblance to the video game cat-girl character Felicia, from Darkstalkers.

Fel was a Guest of Honor at Furry Weekend Atlanta 2005.

Art history[edit]

Fel's artwork appears in all of the FAP Session CD-ROMs released by Guppy and Nanimoose. In January 2004, Fel's comic, "Demon Hunter" (written by Vandringar), along with a pin-up of the bat demon, were featured on Genus Male #3. A standalone follow-up of "Demon Hunter" was later released on Rabbit Valley as "Demon Hunter Portfolio" featuring 22 pages and a color cover.

In January 2008, Fel provided the artwork for Athalon's "The Milkshake Club: Part 2" features on Softpaw Magazine #3. Fel was also the secondary colorist for the serial graphic novel Heathen City, and a primary colorist for Heathen City volume 2.

Fel was a contributing artist on the now defunct, furry, artist circle website pft.com

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