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Often seen using the handle FearCat though he goes by just 'Fear', he has been a member of and artist in the Furry community since early 2002 on a variety of handles. Fear is a demonic, gray feline with feather-topped leather wings, curling horns, and markings of brown and blue. He currently lives in Southern Illinois where he goes to college and works.


Previously known as Azurean or Bam, he still is acknowledged as both of these handles as well, though he no longer associates nor identifies with them on a personal level.


A more accurate term for Fear may be 'designer'. Character creation has been a major part of his life since he was young, and was one of the major reasons for jumping into the world of art. While he considers himself to be a Furry, he has a number of characters that are primarily human as well, and while he doesn't use these characters as a representation of himself, they are nonetheless very personal to him.


Starting out around the age of thirteen or so, Fear began to try his hand at art being inspired by various productions by both Disney and Don Bleuth, such as The Lion King or All Dogs Go To Heaven, which are admittedly two of his favorite movies. It wasn't long before he began to create his own personal characters and develop them for roleplaying purposes as well as personal ones.

While many furries tend to burst into the art scene, Fear has always made it a point to keep himself low-key, which is likely due to his discomfort towards the idea of a large fan-base. Fear tends to shy away from the public eye, preferring to do art for himself and close friends as a hobby, though he has been known to take the occasional commission, mostly for Furcadia portraits, or general furry art.

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