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Author(s) Founder: Eyddunn
Status Active
Launch date 26 July 2011
Genre Online Game

FaunaCraft it's a given name to a furry Minecraft server created by Eyddunn, officially supported by Fauna Urbana. The server is intended to be used by furries, preferably but not limited to Portuguese speakers.


The server was founded on 26th July of 2011 and was originally hosted on Server Craft provider and financially supported by Eyddunn, who allow everyone to play free of charge.

On 12th November of 2011 some chunks of the map got corrupted by a internal Minecraft server error[1] and Server Craft did not identify the issue and overwrote all the previous backups during the nightly backup task, losing all the healthy chunks. The map was deleted and a new one was created. However, as a courtesy for this tragic event, Eyddunn offered 5 items of choice for all players who lost something on the previous map, but as expected, no one accepted the offer saying that they rather prefer to start from the scratch, as a sign of support.

Weeks had passed since the last event, and several players was experiencing huge lags and several hiccups, that make the connection unreachable very often, increasing the degradation of the overall experience in the game. Facing this scenario, Eyddunn with the help of Tanuki Gokuhi setup a new server in another provider, and Ekevoo joined the team to give a hand to finish the migration process. However, they had lost the Nether files due a Bukkit plugin mismanagement.

At the night of the 4th January of 2012, the new FaunaCraft server was up again, and was announced 5 days later on Fauna Urbana.[2]


The current server has 3GB of RAM and supports up to 72 simultaneous connections.

Internal Commands[edit]

All players have access to a certain lot of internal commands. To use them, they have to press "T" (to display the chat console) and type one of the following commands, always prefixed with a slash "/":

Command Description Heat up Cool down
/sethome Set your current position as your home. If nothing set, the Spawn point will be used. Immediate N/A
/home Teleport the player to the home point, previously defined during the /sethome. If no home coordinate was found, the Spawn will be used 10 seconds 1 hour
/spawn Teleport the player to the initial spawn point, located on Resembell city 10 seconds 1 hour
/nick yournick Rename your Minecraft user to another custom one for FaunaCraft. A "~" char will be added before your nick N/A N/A

Connection Information[edit]

  • Connect using: mc.faunaurbana.com.br:25588
  • Connect to IRC to chat with the players: irc.anthrochat.com, canal #Faunacraft
  • View the real-time map: http://mc.faunaurbana.com.br:8987


There are only 3 levels on FaunaCraft:

  1. Guests: When a new player join the server, he can not change or add anything to the map until get the permission from a moderator on duty. This player has a Yellow nick..
  2. Builder: After receive building privileges from a moderator, the player can now play the game freely. The player's nick turns to Blue.
  3. Moderator: Moderators on duty, they can turn guests into builders or ban/kick players and griffers.

Points of Interest[edit]

The Real-time Map pins the most interesting points on the map. For instance, the only city labeled on the map so far is called Resembell. Some other points such Nether Portals and free stuff are also labeled.


Some players report that the real-time map can not be accessed through some corporate firewalls because it is not using the HTTP port 80. Ekevoo said that he will be working on this issue as long he figure out how to open a support ticket in the new provider.[3]


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