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Fatmandell with his "weapon" from Bunny Suicide Episode 5

Fatmandell, also known as Ryan Dell (born 1987) is a student from Yorkshire. He is studying Marine Biology and Oceanography at Bangor University, North Wales, where he joined the Bangor Wargaming and Role Playing Society and the Animé Society. He started a website called Fatman Productions during his spare time.

Fatmandell's first insight into the furry fandom was the Furry Broadcasting Corporation (FBC). He is a co-host of a show there, Bunny Suicide, along with TornadoCreator, Paddi and Evis. He also co-hosted with TornadoCreator for one episode of the short-lived show The Helix, based on DVD commentary.

Within the fandom, Fatmandell now uses a Red Squirrel as his avatar, this has changed due to several reasons on show, having previously voiced a fondness for ferrets and dragons.

Fatmandell co-hosted Bunny Suicide from the first episode onwards. He was in most of the first series of Bunny Suicide and as of October 2006 has been in every episode of the second series which has been made exclusive to the FBC, except episode 6 which featured Paddi and Evis.

Dell in his LARP kit - The Dreaded Granny Kit

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