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This article is about the fetish. For the mailing list of the same name, see Fat Furs (mailing list).
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Steve Wolfe, an example of a fat furry.

Lipophilia refers to the interest/sexual fetish in which a person fantasizes about gaining weight, or causing others to gain weight; or about being fat or being around others who are fat. In practice, the term fat fur is used, and such fat furs are either anthropomorphic furry characters who are fat, and/or may be members of the furry fandom who are fat in real-life.

Unlike other related paraphilias such as inflatophilia or vorarephilia, lipophilia can be and is sometimes played with outside of the furry community, but most fat furs prefer to take advantage of online roleplaying rather than rely on actual weight gain to fulfill their fantasies.

While most roleplays revolve around giving tummy-scritches to feel how soft a friend's tummy is getting, or one fur snuggling into the bulk of another heavier fur, some roleplayers prefer a more proactive stance on fatness.

These roleplays can include, but certainly aren't limited to, consensual or non-consenual (forced) stuffing/feeding (where one character cooks for and feeds another character), snug or ripped clothing (due to weight gain), gluttony and unintentional weightgain (characters eating more than they should without seeming to notice or realize), loss of muscularity and fitness (due to excessive lazing around during an off season), or teasing (one character making fun of another character's weight gain or the limitations imposed upon them by gaining weight).


Zaftig comes from a Yiddish term meaning "pleasantly plump."

In the furry fandom, it describes a character who is fat. "Zaftig" is occasionally used interchangably with "fat fur". Some feel that the terms are different, with zaftig meaning someone who is a small percentage above average weight, while "fat fur" means someone who is significantly above average weight.

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