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Farvana MUCK (formerly Ingvi's World MUCK) is a furry role-playing MUCK with two settings: civilization and the wild. The wild area and Insula Vorabilis, an island dedicated to vore, have preybots.

The name was changed as part of an effort to make the MUCK feel more of a cohesive and immersive world, rather than simply a creation of the head wizard; the new name is a play on the term nirvana, substituting the English word "near" for the near-homophonic initial syllable "Nir-", then replacing it with an antonym.


  • Ingvi - Co-head wizard (inactive)
  • Calfin - Co-head wizard (inactive)
  • Moonspectre - Head wizard, character generation and setup help
  • Christie - Server wizard, code help


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