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Faolan, as drawn by Abanob
Faolan, Fursuit built by Dutch Lion Costumes

Faolan (born December 6, 1991) is a Dutch furry and fursuiter who often portrays himself as a black wolf with long hair and relatively simple red markings, which consist of a red-tipped tail and a red right ear. Faolan is also the owner of Black Wolf Jewellery, an online shop dealing in hand-made gemstone jewellery.


Faolan was born in the Netherlands and entered the furry community at the age of fourteen after discovering Fur Affinity. It was not until he was sixteen that he became an active member of the Dutch community.

Faolan dubbed himself the Dutch Fandom's Shaman and deals with problems of a paranormal nature. He considers his spirituality a large part of himself and always loves discussing these matters.


After attending various events as a spotter or fursuit handler, Faolan decided it was time for him to take the stage as a suiter as well. His fursuit, received in December, 2012, and also named Faolan, was built by Faukx of Dutch Lion Costumes.[1] He often dresses himself either in a harem style or in tribal style. Faolan's fursuit has a removable wig.

Faolan appeared in Eurofurence's Dance Competition ("Enter The Arena") in 2013.[2][3] He took second place in this competition.

He also took part in Enter The Arena in 2015. [4], but did not manage to place in top three this time.


Faolan has attended:

Black Wolf Jewellery[edit]

Black Wolf Jewellery is Faolan's online web shop, dealing in gemstone jewellery, which he started in October, 2013. He takes pride in the fact that he only makes a particular item once, making it unique. He takes great care in selecting the stones to work with, paying attention to both the aesthetics and effects of the stones. He also takes commissions.


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