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Fangz's fursona
Regandor and Fang's fursona Drawed by Eldiman

Fangz (also known as Gray Fang, born August 31, 1987) is a Norwegian artist, who lives in Raufoss, Norway. Fangz's fiance is Regandor, and both are active in the Norwegian furry network.

Fangz's fursona is a Striped Dark Wolf, a hybrid of wolf, husky and tiger. He appears to be mostly wolf, with husky-like markings, and the stripes and claws of a tiger. This fursona's full name is Gray Fang, but it is usually shortened to "Fangz".

Fangz discovered the furry fandom in 2006/2007, but he had been watching the art side of the fandom for many years before that. He has commissioned a fursuit from Beastcub, though it is not yet completed.

Fangz' first furry convention was Eurofurence 14 (27-31 August, 2008). He attended with Regandor, and just prior to the convention they made themselves a partial fursuit to wear there. They used about one day to make two fursuit heads, one set of paws, and one tail.

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