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The Fanboy Assault Force (FAF) was a hoax/non-existent furry militant group thought up by p0rtwolf in early 2005.


The goals for this group were to fight the rising threat of the furry fanboy, to endorse the use of soap and deodorant, and its dedication to rid the world of funk, making it a healthier place "for one and all."


FAF operational tactics focused on Tactical De-con Procedures ("TDP") and Hotel Room Clearing ("HRC") as:

Fanboy Assault Force
all of us have at one time or another entered a hotel room where the prior resident left trace elements of funk behind
Fanboy Assault Force

FAF offered focused training seminars on the proper use of soap as well as good practices and procedures for decontaminating one's personal Area of Operation ("AO"). FAF was currently researching armaments to aid in the sanitation of the typical fanboy to the more developed walking funk (fʌŋk - noun, US slang. "a strong foul odor").

Research and development[edit]

  • ISD - Improvised Sanitation Device
An improvised device made to be used indoors with an effective sanitizing range of 30 meters (98.4 feet). This device defuses an antibacterial spray into the air. The device may also be remotely detonated to assist in keeping FAF agents as far away form the Funk-Zone as possible.
  • AFB, TRS Type-2 - Anti-Funk Bomb/Total Release Sanitizer
Total release sanitizers, also known as anti-funk bombs, were sanitizer products containing aerosol propellants that released their contents at once to fumigate an area. These sanitizers are often used around conventions to kill cockroaches, fleas, and other pests as well as sanitize fanboys and de-funk a room.

Because the aerosol propellants in these sanitizers typically are flammable, improper use may cause a fire or explosion.


There were no further developments by p0rtwolf on the subject since early 2005.

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