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Falvie (or Popparotzi) is a Canadian furry artist.[1] Falvie created the June 2012 banner for Fur Affinity.[2]


In October 2013 a poster to Artists Beware stated

My experience with Falvie has not been at all pleasant. She has lacked communication with me since I commissioned her. Apparently I am not the only one and it has gotten to the point where she now has a 'helper' to get all of her commissions in check. Completion promises have been made (by the third party) and not completed or reached[3]

A post on Artists Beware titled "Falvie Master Post" stated "Currently, Falvie is undergoing a gathering of all previous customers and this post is to clarify who has, and has not, been added to her lengthy queue. Currently she is unable to use her account over at Furaffinity for contact."[4]

On December 28, 2013 Rashinba commented "Too many unfinished commissions. She got them all done though" on a Fur Affinity journal post by Falvie.[5] Earlier in December the account was marked suspended.[6]


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