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Marcus "Fairlight" Hess is a furry musician, and the 'F' in the informal band ERF. He made his premiere to the fandom at large in the CD Furry Fantasies II. His most famous track is Morning in the Jungle; he also appears on various other tracks as a guitarist and background singer.

Fairlight is also the founder of the LSD (Lionel Scritchie's Dormitory) show, which is Eurofurence's Saturday night Pawpet show. As one of the head puppeteers, he developed plays and voices Poke, a one-track-minded, big-mouthed ferret. He also voices and usually plays Panda, a bored and snooty panda who keeps appearing where you least expect him. Fairlight's latest character is Rick, a sheep dog, who had his first appearance as a presenter and impromptu actor on F8K TV.

After relocating from Germany to the UK in 2007 he was approached by Confuzzled's staff regarding advice on puppetry. This led to the very first UK pawpet performance at Confuzzled 2009, for which he co-wrote the script as well as playing "Jim", one of the main characters of the show.

In 2010, Fairlight entered the core staff of ConFuzzled as Pawpets Director and produced a 2 hour puppet show "Shock and D'Aww".

In 2013, Fairlight got a fursuit by "Made Fur You". It's a blue red panda called "Dusk". Since then he can be seen throughout many UK fur meets and European conventions flopping lazily on a sofa or chair.

For Eurofurence that year he and Trax also created a new show format "FILTH", an improv theatre style stage show.

In 2016, Fairlight relocated again, this time to Boston, USA to be with Fibrekitty who he married in January 2017.

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