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FURiends was a furry social networking website.

FURiends had many features common with other social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, and Friendster, but with a furry-centric approach. It was based on the Handshakes social networking software, also in use by FurreSpace. It was free to sign up and use most features; however, some features such as blogging, instant messaging, chat, video chat, audio messaging and group creation wer reserved for those paying a $5 fee.

In February 2008, FurBuy announced its partnership with FURiends to provide non-adult auction listings on their website. Along with this partnership came the ability to "add your FURiends name to your profile under your My Account - Prefs page and a pawprint will appear by your name."[1]


The site had been replaced with a form advertising the "FURiends Furry Resource Directory" as of July 2011.

The site will also be in closed beta. Exact date was not announced but beta test signups are live at the site's main page at: http://furiends.com/ [2]


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