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FURconsin 2013 was the seventh FURconsin furmeet. It was held over October 11-14, 2013, in a private cabin five minutes west of the Wisconsin Dells. The cabin featured bed spaces for everyone and was situated in a beautiful forest.

FURconsin 2013 featured a custom-designed bar menu with furry-themed drinks, grill-out and potluck for dinners, the usual fursuiting trip to downtown Wisconsin Dells, and a small group of attendees also visited Devil's Lake State Park.

Twenty-five furs attended: Aeetus, Aloha Fox, Alphi, Decnal, Coco Eagle, Colin Foxtail, Colinstu, Drykus, Evan Li, Fritzie, Furball2k, Glitch, Graystone, Kale, Keeshanic Fox, Kiswara, Kithrak, Midwest Cougar, Mighty Tauren, Renee, Sephiroth Ebonblade, Sneppid, Super Jayhawk, Tora NightProwler, and TrouBull.

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