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FURconsin 2012 was the sixth FURconsin furmeet. It was held earlier in the year compared to before, this time from July 27-29th, 2012. Activities were centered around local eating and drinking establishments, and site-seeing in Milwuakee, Wisconsin, as well as attending the third annual Milwaukee Brewfest.

Attendees spent the night at Mighty Tauren's home or arranged their own sleeping arrangements. Fursuiting in downtown Milwaukee was in the itinerary but didn not happen due to hot summer weather and lack of interest. Fifteen furs attended: Alphi, BauerShep (aka 'Seven'), Colinstu, Cyan Icewolf, Drykus, Evan Li, Geemo, Glitch, Graystone, Kale, Keeshanic Fox, Kit Wolf, Mighty Tauren, Noxal, and Sephiroth Ebonblade.

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