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FURconsin (edit)
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GT Husky.
History of attendance at FURconsin. (Click for larger view)

FURconsin is an annual private furmeet held in Wisconsin, U.S.A. It was first held on October 13, 2007. The name is a portmanteau of the words "furry" and "Wisconsin".

As of 2017, the event involves four nights of lodging in a ten-bedroom cabin, meals, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages and snacks, for $200-500 depending on the room, as well as round-trip transport from Milwaukee and its airport.[1] It typically attracts roughly 15-30 attendees; there were 32 in 2009, while in 2017 there were slots for 28 sleepers.[2] Activities include boating and a local fursuit walk.

While normally an annual event, there is no mention of it occurring in 2018. According to organizer MightyTauren, the "final" instance of the event will be in October 2019.[3]


The event's mascot is GT Husky, a teal-coloured canine who was designed by Midwest Cougar.[4] The "GT" stands for "Good Times".


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