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FURRY Foundation.logo.png
FURRY Foundation logo
Author(s) Moderators: Caramel, Dremora, Izoniazid, Kitsune Solar, Skumen
Status active
Launch date 22 April 2017 - Present
Genre Chat
Chat: PG-13, user websites: Unrated

FURRY.Chat (formerly FURS.Chat) - site and chat for furry community; part of the project FURRY Foundation. Consists of two elements:

  • a furry chat, in which various events and interesting discussions are held, there are role-playing games and archives with images, and the server administration itself organizes joint viewing of films and cartoons related to the themes of furry;
  • platform for discussing the issues of the furry community, as well as generating ideas and creating new information portals.

FURRY.Chat is a studio for Radio W.T.F., which regularly broadcasts there. The server is constantly being developed and updated, integrated with the rest of the community resources.


On the server there are several text and voice chats.

Public chats[edit]

  • public-rus is a general text channel for discussions on various topics.
  • public-int is a common international text channel for discussions on various topics.
  • public-art - archive of images.
  • public-comics is a comic book archive.
  • public-porn - archive of images of YIFF-related subjects.
  • public-game is a text channel to discuss the industry of computer (and not only) games.
  • public-geek - discussion of high technology, operational news of the IT industry.
  • public-media is a community video archive.
  • public-memes - archive of memes.
  • public-trash - various trash.

Role playing[edit]


  • log-changes - posting changes in the community in general, and on FURS.Chat in particular.
  • log-registration - user registration log.


  • info-hello is a welcome and useful channel for new members.
  • info-rules - community rules.

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